Journals and Newsletters

The IUCN-SSC Primate Specialist Group publishes four regional newsletters, some of which have developed into small journals in their own right. Representing Africa, Asia, Madagascar and the Americas, the four regional newsletter/journals are intended to share information between field researchers, conservationists and captive-care professionals.

These newsletter/journals serve as a forum for shorter research articles on ecology, behavior, genetics and conservation, as well as field reports on primate sightings and news of professional conferences and societies. These publications often represent the only source of information on rare and endangered primates. They include:

In addition, the original newsletter of the PSG has itself evolved into a unique, overarching journal with a worldwide perspective. This journal, Primate Conservation, is published by Conservation International and the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, and provides an opportunity for researchers to publish longer, in-depth articles of interest to the global community of primate conservationists.

All of these publications are produced and distributed free of charge to authors and subscribers, on the premise that the free exchange of information is vital to effective conservation. This allows many researchers from habitat countries to continue receiving these publications – and contributing to them – without financial concern. Just as importantly, these publications are also available to students and young professionals in these countries, providing an important source of information and encouragement as they begin their conservation careers.

To request a back issue of Neotropical Primates, African Primates, Asian Primates, Lemur News and Primate Conservation, please contact Jill Lucena at