Field Guides


In partnership with Conservation International, the Primate Specialist Group is developing a series of field guides to encourage the appreciation and conservation of primates worldwide. These guides are published in two formats: the quick-reference pocket information guide and the professional-grade tropical field guide.

The pocket identification guides are designed for anyone who needs a quick overview of the primate fauna of a specific region, such as Madagascar or West Africa. Printed on a double-sided folding panel, and laminated to withstand heat, humidity and the rigors of travel, each pocket guide features full-color illustrations by primate artist Stephen Nash, whose work has been recognized as “the taxonomic gold standard” for primate identification. Including compact range maps and local names, the pocket guides are the ideal reference for eco-tourists, primate-watchers, students and field biologists – or anyone else who needs an easy reference guide for the field.

The tropical field guides are compact, richly informative books, each of which is designed to serve as a comprehensive reference for the primate fauna of a particular tropical region. Illustrated by a team of wildlife artists, each field guide includes reference photos, comparative portraits, and sketches from life of typical postures and behaviors. At the core of the field guide are its species accounts, which encapsulate our current understanding of each primate’s ecology, behavior and distribution, together with tips on identification and the best locations to attempt a sighting in the wild. Each species account also presents detailed, full-color range maps representing the current understanding of each primate taxon’s geographic extent.

In addition to the core species accounts, the field guides provide a variety of information on the biology and geology of the landscapes and forest types in which the primates occur. They also include information on the taxonomy of particular groups, the nature and extent of recent fossil forms, and the conservation challenges facing primates and other wildlife in the region. The tropical field guides are the most comprehensive guides available on their subject groups, and sometimes feature species which have only just been described. They are equally useful for field researchers, ecotourists, and adventurous travelers – or anyone who is curious about the primates of some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered tropical forests.

Current titles include:

Primatas do Amapá Pocket Identification Guide

Diurnal and Nocturnal Lemurs Pocket Identification Guides

Marmosets and Tamarins Pocket Identification Guide

South Asian Primates Pocket Identification Guide

Monkeys of the Guianas Pocket Identification Guide

Monkeys of the Atlantic Forest Pocket Identification Guide

Lemurs of Madagascar Pocket Identification Guide

Lemurs of Madagascar Tropical Field Guide

Primates of West Africa Pocket Identification Guide

Primates of West Africa A Field Guide and Natural History

More field guides and pocket guides are now in preparation, so please check back soon for new titles!