Ghana’s Forest Primates: Unpublished Reports

John F. Oates and Thomas T. Struhsaker

Dear Colleagues:

We have archived a number of unpublished reports relating to the status and conservation of the primates of Ghana’s rain forests, dating from 1971 through 2010.  These reports are important from an historical perspective and because they provide baseline data that help us better understand trends in Ghana’s primate populations and their forest habitats.  We are making these reports available in the hopes that they will assist in the development of effective conservation action plans.  A number of the reports included here do not deal specifically with primates, but they are relevant because they pertain to some key primate habitats.

In addition, we include below a list of publications dealing with Ghana’s forest primates, their habitats, and other wildlife.

We thank Anthony Rylands and Jill Lucena of Conservation International for their assistance in making this list available to a wider audience.

Published articles:

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